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My papers

Centres of Finance, Centres of Imagination: On Collective Memory and Cultural Identity in European Financial Market Places

Nobel Contingencies (read an excerpt)

Currency Trading and International Financial Instability

Economic Growth Prospects of Pakistan Punjab: Historic Heritage and the Role of Institutions

Evolution, Spatial Selforganisation and Path Dependence: Tokyo’s Role as an International Financial Center

Foreign Exchange Trading and Volatility in Emerging Market Currencies Lessons from the Asian Crisis

How has the European Monetary Integration Process Contributed to Regional Financial Market Integration?

Information Technologies in International Finance and the Role of Cities

Japan’s Financial Markets: The Lost Decade

Japan´s Big Bang Stage One: Risks and Prospects of Foreign Exchange Market Liberalisation

Spatial Self-organisation and Lock-in Effects in Financial Markets

THE TOBIN TAX or: On the impossibility to measure foreign exchange turnover

Geld- und währungspolitische Implikationen  der  Finanzmarktliberalisierung in  Japan

Wirtschaftsgeographische Aspekte der Stellung Japans als Finanzzentrum Ostasiens

Financial Reform in Germany (read an excerpt)

Strategic Impediments  to Currency  Unification (read an excerpt)

Spiele ohne  Sieger: Nutzen und Probleme einer internationalen  Kooperation der  Wirtschaftspolitik (read an excerpt)

Die Globalisierung der Finanzmärkte als Herausforderung für die Staatenwelt (read an excerpt)

Full list of papers and publications
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