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My books

Asian financial markets: Structures, policy issues and prospects (ed. with Lukas Menkhoff)

Die kurz- und langfristige währungspolitische Effizienz von Regeln für Devisenmarktinterventionen

Einflussfaktoren realer Wechselkurse

European Financial Systems in the Global Economy

Internationale Integration der Devisen-, Finanz- und Kapitalmärkte (ed. with Bernhard Fischer)

Monetary and financial integration in East Asia: empirical and institutional approaches (ed. with Eric Girardin, International Journal of Finance & Economics, Special Issue)

Oil and the International Economy (with Georg Koopmann, Klaus Matthies)

The Japanese Foreign Exchange Market

Towards Monetary And Financial Integration In East Asia (ed. with Koichi Hamada, Ulrich Volz)

Währungsmanagement von Unternehmen

Full list of papers and publications

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