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Financial Institutions

European Bank Exposure interactive (

European banks stress test results interactive (

Bank and country exposure to Greece (

Grèce : les scénarios de la crise  (Le Figaro) Choose among 2 scenarios and see what happens …

Interactive map European banking markets (DB Research) Total assets, number of banks and branches, gross value added, post-tax ROE, cost-income ratio, loans to enterprises and private households, loan-deposit ratio, Tier 1 ratio, equity-capital ratio, NPLs.

A Look Inside the Fed’s Balance Sheet (WSJ) How developed funds related to the rescue of Bear Sterns and AIG? Size and composition of  assets of the US Federal Reserve’s balance sheet.


Eurozone debt crisis in graphics (Reuters) New

Eurozone debt crisis 2011 in review (Reuters) New

Booms and Busts. Stocks of some high-flying internet firms in the first year after IPO (WSJ)   

Decline in US stock listings when overseas venues are booming (WSJ)

Historical Currency Rates Comparison (OANDA) Compare historical foreign exchange rates for up to five currencies against a base currency, as either a currency graph or currency table. OANDA Rates® are available from January, 1990 for most major currencies.

Olsen Scale of Market Quakes (SMQ) “The Scale of Market Quakes (SMQ) objectively measures the impact of political and economic events on the currency markets and is a decision support tool for traders, retail and institutional investors, government officials and commentators. The development of the SMQ was inspired by the Richter Scale which measures the intensity of earthquakes. Financial markets are subject to seismic shocks caused by political, economic and other events. The SMQ, which is computed on a tick by tick basis, measures the price impact of these events. It provides a clear metric of the relevance of events …” (from About SMQ)


Correlation Heatmap (PwC) Select from the 66 variables to build your custom correlation heatmaps for 26 cities.

Interactive city modeler (PwC) Choose any combination of 26 cities and 66 key variables and compare the rankings.


Eurozone debt web: Who owes what to whom? (BBC News) Gross external, or foreign, debt of some of the main players in the eurozone as well as other big world economies.

Comparing Debt Ratios (WSJ) S&P’s credit rating and outlook among advanced economies and emerging economies, as well each nation’s debt-to-GDP ratio, starting in 2006 and projected through 2016.

Debt Rising in Europe (NY Times) Interactive maps on EU and euro zone countries/2010, 2005, 2000 debt as % of GDP/2010 GDP/Budget deficit as share of GDP/Interest rate spread from Germany

The Economist’s interactive overview of global house prices and rents Hong Kong skyrocketing. Japan and US low – no recovery in sight.

When income grows, who gains in the U.S.?  (Economic Policy Institute) Choose a time interval between 1917 and 2008 and see how growth in average income was shared between the richest 10% and the other 90% of Americans.

ECB loss calculator (Reuters): How much could the ECB lose on its portfolio of sovereign debt if Greece, Portugal and Ireland restructure their debt?

The Economic Complexity Observatory (a multidisciplinary effort between the Macro Connections group at the MIT Media Lab and the Center for International Development at Harvard University).  Economies produce  billions of distinct types of goods … ranging from size 34 dark stonewash bootcut jeans to beauty therapies involving avocado. The difference between China’s economy and that of the United States is not simply that China’s is smaller; it has a different structure entirely. … (Exerpt, read more about the Economic Complexity Observatory from Tim Harford).

The Economist’s emerging-market overheating index: Prices, jobs, growth in bank lending …

The Economist’s interactive guide to the troubled economies of Europe 2010 (The Economist) Interactive map of currency, GDP per person, unemployment, public finance, actual growth and forecast for European core and periphery economies.

Discouraged and underemployed. What is unemployment? Two US measures in comparison (WSJ)

MapmyIndia maps. Locations of industrial centres, petroleum corporations, media and advertising firms, historical places, Jain temples and zoos in India – and much more …

The Economist Opinion Cloud What Economist readers talk about: yesterday, today, this week, China, Europe, Berlusconi …

Global Relations

peoplemovin – migration flows across the world (Carlo Zapponi) peoplemovin shows the flows of migrants as of 2010 through the use of open data. The data are presented as a flow chart that shows the connections between countries. Top migrant destinations, emigration countries, migration corridors, …

           and this is a news story in photographs of migration (Lane Turner)

How the world really shapes up (MailOnline)  Excerpt: “We all know what the world looks like. But a new series of extraordinary maps shows our planet in a very different light. Rather than defining each country by size, these computer-generated modified maps – or cartograms – redraw the globe with each country’s size proportionate to its strengths, or weaknesses, in a whole series of categories.” Wealth of nations at 1500 and 2002, toy im- and exports, military spending, house prices …

WTO members – interactive map of disputes Click a WTO Member on the map to see disputes involving that Member as complainant, as respondent or as either.

Simply beautiful

Skysurvey – astounding 360-degree panorama of the cosmos (Nick Risinger)

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