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Let’s do rating!


The other day developed a very stimulating exchange on Twitter after one enthusiast proposed to get into the ratings business. Since the contributions could be a useful addition to my recent pieces on rating agencies (here and here) I would like to share them with you (in reverse order as in my timeline):

As far as I am aware it all started with a simple question from Mike Parker …

Sysparatem Mike Parker

fancy starting our own CRA? “Twitrating” mybe

Frances_Coppola Frances Coppola

Voodoo Ratings Inc. Totally trustworthy of course

Sysparatem Mike Parker

bet U we cud beat agencies

pdacosta Pedro da Costa

 LongShot Ratings LLC

lecreative Amy E. Buttell

Lastchance Ratings LLC

Sysparatem Mike Parker


lecreative Amy E. Buttell

How about “U-Pik-A-Rating LLC”

lecreative Amy E. Buttell

Or “Ratings For Rent LLC”

Sysparatem Mike Parker

like that cud B “U-Rate”

polit2k Tim Coldwell

“AAA-Ratings-R-US LLC”

polit2k Tim Coldwell

“iRate – no ID reqd. (Panama)

mikejcasey Michael Casey

Special offer: AAAA ratings for firstcomers?

Frances_Coppola Frances Coppola

Teaser rating. AAA for first 2 yrs then downgrade

lecreative Amy E. Buttell

After downgrade, discount surprise upgrade!

Frances_Coppola Frances Coppola

offer opportunity to “repair” rating for a fee

lecreative Amy E. Buttell

Special: buy one AAA rating get one free!


Amy E. Buttell (@lecreative),  Michael Casey (@mikejcasey), Tim Coldwell (@polit2k), Frances Coppola (@Frances_Coppola),  Pedro da Costa (@pdacosta),Mike Parker (@Sysparatem).

In my feeling this is a very rewarding debate which should be continued. How about:

rszbt Beate Reszat

Bonds for nothing and the rates for free

Further suggestions are very welcome. Leave a comment!

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